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Chief Aerospace offers a wide range of logistical and programmatic support services to our U.S. Government customers. Our technical and analytical capabilities span the full depth of disciplines required for the development, acquisition and life-cycle support of military platforms. What makes Chief Aero different from any of the other government services companies is that all of our key leadership positions are veterans with a long history of dedicated support to the soldier/airman. We may not wear a uniform any longer, but we remain committed to the best interest of the military that supports our troops. We have this same commitment to all our customers. But commitment means nothing unless you can produce and we do.
Logistics Support:
  • Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)
  • Acquisition Logistics Support (ALS)
  • Supply Operations/Logistics
  • Aviation Operations
    • Maintenance
    • Quality Assurance
    • Production Control
  • Warehousing
    • Inventory Control & Management
    • Material & Equipment Storage
    • Equipment & Sub-assembly retrofitting
    • Packaging, Distribution, & Tracking
    • Material Handling
    • Warehouse Equipment Maintenance
    • Warehouse Systems Design & Development
  • Security Assistance & FMS Supply Chain Mgt Solutions
Program Support:
  • Program Management
  • Business and Financial Support
  • Acquisition Support
  • Technical Data Management/Sustainment
  • Conference Support Services
Technical and Information Technology Services:
  • Technical Advisory and Assistance Services
  • Engineering Investigation and Resolution
  • IT Systems Development & Analysis Programming
  • IT Help Desk Support
  • IT Data Conversion
  • Testing & Performance Measuring
  • Workgroup Manager Support
  • Web Site Design, Development & Maintenance

Administrative Services:
  • General Office Administrative
  • Document Digitization
  • Record Keeping/Document Control
  • Data Entry