• C-130 Kits/FA8504-10-C-0017
        U.S. Air Force
        330 ACSG/GFKA
        Robins AFB, GA
Chief Aerospace responsibilities include the manufacture, assemble, and/or procure all Group "A" kit components, wiring harnesses, connectors, and other hardware in accordance with the approved USAF technical drawings and the Time Compliance Technical Order (TCTO) 1C-130-1972, Installation of Speaker Base Active Noise Cancellation System (ANCS) on selected C-130 Aircraft. All wiring and wiring harnesses conform to SAE AS50881 and Air Force Technical Order (TO) 1-1A-14 to include permanent wire markings. Chief Aerospace procures items using the part number listing in the TCTO and Engineering Data List. The list of required items includes more than 570 line items, with a total of 7,032 units per kit. Chief Aerospace receives shipped materials from our vendors and conducts inventory/quality inspection prior to repackaging into 15 separate kits for shipment to the field. Chief Aerospace completed all deliveries ahead of schedule.
  • Aircraft Structural Component Prime Vendor/SPRWA1-11-D-0026
        Defense Logistics Agency
        Aviation Detachment
        Robins AFB, GA
The Aircraft Structural Component Prime Vendor Contract (ASCPVC) effort requires Chief Aerospace to source, acquire, and provide a broad range of National Stock Numbers (NSN) assigned to the contract. Chief Aerospace is required to develop and maintain a flexible and cost effective means of providing the items which is responsive to the needs of the Government. Chief Aerospace has established a pool of subcontractors capable of providing the items identified as applicable to the contract, and we manage these subcontractors to ensure continued support throughout the life of the contract. The prioritized contract objectives are to: (1) improve Warfighter support, (2) lower the total cost to the Government, (3) ensure the continued utilization of small business manufacturers, and (4) allow the contractor the flexibility to innovatively source and acquire the items in such a way that is mutually beneficial to the Government and the contractor.
Chief Aerospace is required to provide the items to the Government on demand and is responsible for the cost, quality and delivery of all items. Any of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) activities listed below may issue delivery orders to the contractor for the supplies:
  • DLA Aviation Richmond, VA
  • DLA Aviation Oklahoma City, OK
  • DLA Aviation Ogden, UT
  • DLA Aviation Warner Robins, GA
  • DLA Aviation Philadelphia, PA
  • DLA Aviation Huntsville, AL
  • Warner Robins Air Logistics Center, Robins AFB, GA
  • Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center, Tinker AFB, OK
  • Ogden Air Logistics Center, Hill AFB, UT
  • Additional ordering authority may be added by bilateral modification to this contract.
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